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6 Pack Abs: 16 Gender Bending Exercises

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Achieving great abs for men and women are two different tasks and the recipe for success is not always the same. All too often we hear the same age old advice, “do crunches or sit-ups and you’ll soon have a six-pack.” Well, it should come as no surprise that male and female bodies are built differently. This means that if you want to receive a six-pack then you will have to work at it from a body-tailored perspective. Check out the best ab workouts no matter your sex.

1. “Regular” crunches

One of the best exercises for women is to complete a normal crunch. Keeping your arms in the running position, use your stomach and abdomen muscles to raise your body off of the floor (bending from the waist). The crunch should finish when your shoulders are four to 6 inches off of the ground. For optimal results hold the crunch for five seconds before slowly returning to the starting position.

2. Yoga

Yoga provides the platform for a variety of ab strengthening exercises. Working with a professional yoga instructor will help a woman ensure that moves are conducted properly.

3. Running

Running is a tried and true go-to exercise for improving a woman’s core. For the best results alternate between sprinting and long-distance runs.

4. Plank

Plank is one of those exercises that looks deceptively easy, but in reality is quite hard. Place your hands shoulder width apart with your arms bent at the elbow and your palms facing down. Raise yourself to a push-up position, keeping your arms on the ground, and balancing on your toes. Hold for as long as possible before returning to the original starting position.
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