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Juicing For Health: Don’t Make These 15 Mistakes


Have you heard of the new healthy lifestyle trend known as juicing? As the name astutely implies, juicing involves taking your daily dose of fruits, vegetables, or nuts, and pulverizing them into a drinkable juice. From cold pressing technology to blade juicers, there are several types of juicing machines on the market. But, before you begin to get your daily dose of vitamins and nutrients from your latest juicing recipe, make sure that you don’t get caught in the following list of juicing mistakes.

1. Forgetting to alternate fruits and veggies

For the best juicing results you should always alternate fruit and vegetable consumption. Constantly consuming the same fruits and vegetables will result in an unbalanced diet. It can also cause a build-up of certain lactic acids and/or harmful levels of certain vegetable or fruit by-products. For example, individuals on blood thinners should avoid juicing green leafy vegetables, while people on heart medications have to be careful of grapefruit consumption.

2. Juicing on a full stomach

Generally speaking, juicing is meant to jump start your metabolism. Juicing should be done about 45 minutes prior to a meal and ideally on an empty stomach. This technique will release a burst of energy to your body, which, come meal time, will help you to better digest your food.

3. Waiting more than 15 minutes to consume juice

Waiting more than 15 minutes to consume juice can reduce its positive health benefits. After 15 minutes fruits and vegetables begin to break down, at which point they begin to release helpful nutrients.

4. Juicing only fruits

Most fruits are high in sugar. As such, they provide a short burst of energy. While a short burst of energy is great, it can cause an unfortunate “sugar crash” afterwards.

5. Juicing only veggies

On the surface, juicing only vegetables seems like a great idea. However, in order to feel the full benefits of the nutritious vegetables, you should add complementary fruits to your morning juice. For the best energy boost, nutritional benefits, and overall taste, be sure to always juice a combination of fruits and vegetables.

Photo credits by Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License by Clare Bell

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