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Coffee Cures Acne: 16 Surprising Health Benefits of Coffee

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Coffee often is regarded as a guilty pleasure, particularly for those who find themselves indulging in several cups each day. While moderation is as important in coffee consumption as in any other area, drinkers can down multiple cups each day without feeling overly guilty. In fact, that morning cup (or cups) of joe delivers a wide array of health benefits.

1. High Levels of Antioxidants

One of the most common arguments in favor of drinking coffee involves the inherently high levels of antioxidants. These substances are incredibly effective when it comes to preventing the oxidative effects of stress and various toxins, in turn preventing a wide array of illnesses and chronic conditions.

2. Increased Energy Levels

Although an excess of coffee can lead to anxiety and restlessness, the improved boost in energy associated with one or two cups can be quite helpful, particularly for those contending with long commutes.

3. Thyroid Regulation

Coffee contains high levels of riboflavin, otherwise known as vitamin B2. This important nutrient proves helpful in establishing and maintaining proper thyroid function.

4. Clear Skin

Another often overlooked benefit of riboflavin is the clearing of skin. Those dealing with such issues as acne and eczema may see improvements in skin condition following a period of regular coffee consumption.

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