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The 15 Most Dangerous Drugs in America

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We often think about how medication can help us get better, or overcome disease, but not all medication is safe to use. Some medications are dangerous and deadly, and the surprise is that not all of these drugs are street drugs. Some are just prescribed by doctors who don’t know better.

1. Prednisone: Topical or oral

Prednisone is a popular drug that has a wide range of uses. It can help to overcome skin irritation and inflammation. It can also be prescribed for serious disease like Irritable bowel syndrome and arthritis. Long-term use can lead to some deadly diseases and conditions such as, Hypertension.

2. Blood Thinners: Saving you from a heart attack

Blood thinners are widely used to help overcome cardiac problems like stroke prevention, and heart attack. When blood thinner levels are not monitored, patients can bleed out spontaneously, or their blood can become thick enough to cause a clot or a stroke to occur.

3. Pain Killers: Help you overcome pain

Pain killers are widely known and can easily be taken in ways that they are not prescribed. Pain killers can be highly addictive, and if mixed with Tylenol can lead to liver failure. Pain killers can also cause erratic cardiac function and even death.

4. Insulin: Designed to control diabetes

Insulin is designed to help control diabetes, but it can be a major contributor to the formation of heart disease. If taken in too high of a dose, insulin can induce heart failure. In some cases liver failure has also occurred.

5. Ketamine: Anesthetic

Ketamine is an anesthetic that has many side effects. The most dangerous usage of Ketamine is recreational drug use. The effect of Katmine on the body causes autonomic brain function to cease, and you die because your body no longer remembered to tell your heart to keep beating.

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